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Water Jet Controller

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Description of Water Jet Controller:
We at YC adopt the famous NAIKY controlling system, MITSUBISHI AC servo digital driving system and AC servo motor. So the quality of our water jet cutting machine is guaranteed.
- 17"LCD liquid crystal display
- DNC on-line working function
- Functions of returning arbitrary point, corner and circular arc working auto deceleration.
- Function of cutting figure imitation display.
- 80GB memory hard disk
- MITSUBISHI AC servo driver and motor.
-1GB memory card
- Multilingual function(Chinese, English , etc.,)
- Drive-by-wire and hand-hold controller (According to requests)
- Running based on windows XP

YC water jet controller adopts special software- NAIKY PCIMC-6A. We also can customize it to install nesting software, such as Fast cam, Lantak etc.
Functions of PCIMC-6A:
- Change DXF document which is educed from AUTOCAD into numerical control process.
- Serial communications between PC and CNC.
- Open database can store parameter, just click the material, parameter will be loaded automatically.
- Calculate length of line and time automatically
- Control cut-out and cut-in automatically
- Cutting track auto imitation function
- Lessening speed on the corner remanding material bridging and lancing
We at YC are happy to provide the quality water jet cutting machine you need!