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Water Jet Controller

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The YC-NC9000A water jet controller is particularly developed based on our years of experience in the industry. As a new generation of waterjet control system, our product has the following features.

1. It supports a variety of codes like G, PLT, ENG, and DXF generated by CAD/CAM software like UG, MASTERCAM, AUTOCAD, and some others.
2. The function of breakpoint memory and blocked program jumping are also available with this waterjet controlling device.
3. Auto deceleration and suspension for small bore, arc, and corner.
4. Cutting figure real-time simulation.
5. It supports processing time prediction, process path pre-loading and dynamic tracking display.

In addition, we also have Italian ECS-905 controller suitable for cutting all sheet materials. It offers oxygen cutting, plasma arc, waterjet cutting, laser cutting and drilling, and so on. The operation of the product can be controlled by 16 axes. The 5-axis cutting torch control and the IPC, as well as the AMD hardware structure, make for the high performance but low power consumption of the CNC waterjet controller.

Monitor: 15" LCD, integrated touch screen
Peripheral interface: EtherCAT
Node: EtherCAT controlled EcsLink, Mechatrolink®1 and 2, Sercos ®1, Profinet ®1, and analogic drives
Up to 2048 I/O with EtherCAT
Modular mechanical panel: optional
Keyboard: optional

FastCAM Standard Software Introduction
As a nationally famous brand in welding industry, FastCAM has been engaged in the industry for over 30 years. The FastCAM software is a kind of dedicated programming software suitable for the cutting machine of NC flame series, plasma series, laser series and waterjet series. Requiring little knowledge related to computer technology and CAD, the plotting, nesting and programming is quite easy to understand.

Currently, FastCAM is providing multilingual technical support & training on software, and promoting and sharing NC cutting theory and technology. On the premise of improving steel utilization ratio, FastCAM effectively enhances the cutting quality and cutting efficiency.

Technical Parameters of High Pressure System
Control: PLC
Reversing Mode: electro-hydraulic control
Cooling Mode: water cooled (plate type oil-water heat exchanger)
Inlet Water Filter fineness: ≤0.45μm
Oil-return Filter Fineness: 20μm
Working Temperature: 0-60°C
Outlet Connection: UNF 3/8"
Cooling Inlet and Outlet: NPT1"
Max. Orifice Size: 0.33mm

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