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Water Jet High Pressure System

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Parameter Model Max. pressure(Mpa/psi) Max .flowrate(L/min) Orifice dia.(mm) No. of nozzles (Pcs) Power(Kw/HP) Size (m)L*W*H Weight(kg)
YCG-2230 300/40,000 3.1 0.25 1 22/30 1.7*1.2*1.4 1250
YCG-3038 380/55,000 3.7 0.30 2 30/40 1250
YCG-3742 400/60,000 3.7 0.30 2 37/50 1250
Power supply: 220/380/415V,3ph,50/60Hz (According to customer's requirement)
Water supply: >0.4mpa

Description of Water Jet High Pressure System:
1. Single oil cylinder with two-way reciprocating-type plunger piston intensifier
2. USA pipeline
3. Single-row type water filtering system (5micron, 1micron, 0.45micron parallel)
4. Manual pressure regulation function
5. Ultra pressure auto stop and protection
6. Three-ply safeguards

Features of Water Jet High Pressure System:
1. High pressure seal design to reduce the damage of the spare parts
2. Unique design of this water jet cutting machine makes the installation and the maintenance easier.
3. Stable working pressure to ensure the working efficiency
4. YCG pump can get 300/400mpa working pressure

YC is a professional water jet cutting machine manufacturer in China.