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Water Jet Sludge Removal System

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Remove the abrasive from the tank automatically, separate the abrasive and water. Reduce the labor force, improve work efficiency.

The absorption pump sucks up the mixture of sand and water from the tank into a collection box when it works.
There are plastic woven filter bags in the collection box,water is recycled to the machine tank, sand and the mixturefrom cutting are collected into filter bags Inside. So as to achieve the purpose of automatic collection to make it easy to clean.
Data of Absorption Pump

Data of Single pump
Flow rate: 8 M³/H
Lift: 50 M
Exit pressure: 6 kgf/cm²
Absorption distance: 7 M
Max. Diameter of solid particle which can
get through: 4.5mm
Inlet and outlet diameter of pump: 40mm
Power: compressed air
Max. Inlet pressure: 7 kg f/cm²
Max. Consumption of air: 0.6 mm³/min
Diameter of air pipe: 10mm
Collection box: 1.6m*1.0m*1.0m

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