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5 Axis Machine

The 5 axis water jet cutting machine equips with the A axis (jet swing axis) and C axis (rotating axis) based on the original 3 axis water jet cutter. These two axes can make the cutting head swinging at any angle during the cutting process, and this machine can calculate the real-time cutting trajectory by using the preset angle model of numerical control system, after that the calculation result will be corrected according to the material properties and thickness of the cutting workpiece. With 5 axis control system and 3D programming software, our water jet cutting machine can achieve true three-dimensional dynamic cutting. This machine can cut the product cross section without inclination, and cut bevel at any angle, as well as cut the workpiece vertically, especially cut cone, curved impeller, gear, etc.

This 5 axis waterjet cutter can cut any angle within ±60°, it solves the traditional problem of water cutting inclination, and achieves 2D/3D cutting easily. The line cutting accuracy is ±0.1mm, angle cutting accuracy is ±0.1°. Our machine is applied to cut bevel surface, straight surface, conical surface, circular surface, rotating surface, groove, chamfer, and arbitrary surface. It can meet the high precision machining demands of mechanical manufacturing, rail transportation, automotive manufacturing, and composite materials processing.