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5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

In recent years, with the development of control and moving technology, the 5 axis waterjet cutting system (abrasive or purified water) has been realized. The five axes are named X (Front/Rear), Y (Left and right), Z (up and down), A (vertical angle) and C (rotate around A). As a newly developed technology, the waterjet cutting device is a product offered for high-end industry.

5 axis water jet bevel cutting machine can cut a variety of materials, such as metal, steel, wood, glass, stone, marble, granite, aluminium, tile, ceramic and composite materials.

5 Axis Water Jet Cutting Table and Cutting Head
New design waterjet
Water jet cutting head

Technical Parameters
Bevel axis (A): ±45°
Rotary axis (C): ±540°
Control accuracy: ±0.01mm
Angle accuracy: 0.01°

Italy ECS Controlling System
We adopt Italy ECS-905 CNC controller, which is designed for all plate cutting application.
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