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Gantry Precision Plasma Cutting Machine (Laser)

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This CNC precision plasma cutting machine performs better than normal plasma cutter in the cutting process. Also, it has the advantage over the ordinary gantry CNC cutting equipment in both the mechanical structure and processing technology. Our high-precision CNC machine comes with a laser plasma power supply that uses the most advanced technology in the world.

1. Cutting roughness Ra ≦ 12.5, verticality ≦ 2 °
2. Its incision quality reaches the lower limit of laser incision.
3. Its slot width is about half width of slot created by normal plasma cutter.
4. The service life of our equipment wearing parts such as electrode and nozzle is five times that of normal plasma cutter wearing parts.
5. The total investment and operation cost of our equipment is about a quarter of the expenditure of normal plasma cutting machine.
6. Our CNC precision plasma cutting machine demonstrates higher cutting speed than common laser machine, mainly utilized for processing medium and thick plate.