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Self-Alignment Turning Roller

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This self-alignment turning roller is used to weld polish, and assemble the cylinder-shells, and to line the shells with rubber. This welding turning roller can be adjusted by lead screws and bolts grading. It can be controlled with AC frequency converter, and the linear velocity is displayed by the digital.
Our self-alignment turning rollers are advanced and reliable. We can also design and manufacture various types of the turning rollers in accordance with the customer's requirement.

Main technical parameters
Model Max load weight(ton) Size limit of suitable product(mm) Diameter and width of the wheel(mm) Roller speed (m/min) Power of motor (kw)
Rubber rollers Metal rollers
HGZ5 50 Φ250-Φ2300 Φ250×100 2×Φ240×20 0.1-1 Variable Frequency Drive 0.75
HGZ10 10 Φ320-Φ2800 Φ300×120 2×Φ290×25 1.1
HGZ20 20 Φ500-Φ3500 Φ350×120 2×Φ340×30 1.5
HGZ40 40 Φ600-Φ4200 Φ400×120 2×Φ390×40 3.0
HGZ60 60 Φ750-Φ4800 Φ450×120 2×Φ440×50 4.0
HGZ80 80 Φ850-Φ5000 Φ500×120 2×Φ490×60 4.0
HGZ100 100 Φ1000-Φ5500 Φ500×120 2×Φ490×70 5.5
HGZ150 150 Φ1000-Φ6500 Φ550×120 2×Φ540×80 5.5
HGZ200 200 Φ1000-Φ6500 Φ550×120 2×Φ540×80 7.5