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Welding Manipulator

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. The welding manipulator can be classified into light, medium and heavy, and super-heavy type by the front-end load weight of cross arm.
2. The structure can be divided into stationary, stationary and revolve, and moving and revolve type.
3. Cross section of transverse arm and column is calculated scientifically and during horizontal scale-up and scale-down process, dropping of the arm is about 2mm/m.
4. The lifting unit of cross arm is equipped with a device for preventing falling that utilizes a dependable spine ratchet.
5. The transverse arm front end is provided with horizontal and vertical fine-tuning mechanism, thus operation can be completed on a remote control box.
6. The welding manipulator features high safety and high reliability.
7. The guide shaft is an eccentric shaft that can easily eliminate the gap between wheel and rail.
8. The column rotation is divided into the manual and electric mode while the locking mechanism falls into manual and pneumatic type.
9. Our equipment has control interfaces that connect to welding positioner and welding rotator. Main electrical parts include electric cabinet and remote control box.